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Kiran Thakur

Kiran Thakur

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Daily Tarun Bharat, Belgaum

Welcome to the new world of Quest Tours !

Let me first begin with the inception of Lokmanya Society. For a long time, I was watching a generation of unemployed youth who had no idea what to do with their future. They had no resources to whom to and did have the slightest clue as to how to improve their future. I shared this concern of mine with my fellow colleagues and friends. And from this discussion, the idea of Credit Co-operative Society gained momentum and Lokmanya Society was born. In the beginning, the Society's operations started in Belgaum. The people in Belgaum and nearby areas gave them a tremendous response. They made possible to create commendable numbers of accounts and not just that; they showed keen interest in the loan sanctioning schemes. Today Lokmanya is operational in Maharashtra, Goa, Karnataka and Delhi with 217 branches. Lokmanya Multipurpose Multi-state Co-operative Society which happens to be India's first enterprise of its kind.

Quest means a search. In our busy lives, every soul is searching for something. We all are in quest of happiness and contentment. Some find bliss in the arms of loved ones and some find it in snowclad mountains bathed with the beauty of nature. Some seek solace in solitude and some in friends. Whatever may be our channels of happiness; we all are seeking to quench our thirst. Life is a long journey and everyone is searching for the ultimate happiness. Happiness is all around us... it's in the first light of day, in a newborn's face. All we need is the vision to see this happiness scattered around us for us to grab it.

Travel is not just seeing places. It's about soaking the inherent beauty of the place and its people. Travel inspires. A nomad seeks happiness in search of roads less travelled. Life is a long journey and every road; every destination is full of experiences. Let's walk together to these lands of bliss and contentment and make our lives richer than before.

Happy journey!

prasad patkar

Prasad P. Patkar


Quest Tours

Hello friends,

A very warm welcome to the exciting arena of Quest Tours Taking forward the legacy of Lokmanya Multipurpose Multi-state Co-operative Society, we have set our foot in this dynamic world of travel and tourism with our new venture-Quest Tours. We are mighty proud to say that we have received a huge response to this new endeavor from our friends and well-wishers. This has given us a renewed impetus to raise the standards of our service. Today travel has become an integral part of our lifestyle. People take a break from their busy schedules to travel the world because travel broadens one's horizon. Every heart wishes to explore new places and experience the joy. Today we are very proud to say that Quest Tour is recommended by many to their friends who wish to see the unseen. This has been possible only because of our exemplary customer service and great value for money deals.

Since our inception three years ago, we have been able to carve a niche for our self owing to our extensive research in the field of travel and tourism. We thoroughly understand the unmet expectations of clients and make every effort to satisfy them. Quest Tours operates from 217 branches spread across Maharashtra, Gujarat, Karnataka, Goa and Delhi. Our every member has an in depth study into the travel industry and works incessantly to build the gap between the clients and their expectations.

Quest Tours believes in complete transparency and makes no compromises in delivering the best. The efficient, courteous and experienced staff of Quest Tours always gives me renewed energy to tackle this challenge. From air-bus-train travel to accommodation, from food to sightseeing, everything is well taken care of. Behind our fine reputation is our staff of Tour Managers and highly polite support officials. We also provide services like air tickets, visa, travel insurance, hotel booking, customized packages and more.

Avail our services and see this world in anew light in this breath taking journey !